one universal

There is a quote that we love: “Living without music would be an error”. Our goal is to make people express their feelings through music, the most universal language.

Here at Miium we combine artisanal processes with the digital world, so everyone will be able to get a custom music box that contains the meaning they want to express.

Composing stories
FROM 2016

A few years ago, Ismael had an idea: to combine his role as a musical composer with his desire to undertake his own project, and he launched the idea of “your name in music”, which soon became Miium.

Thanks to the family and Lorena, who joined the project after finishing her Philosophy studies and has helped to make it grow, we have shaped thousands of stories and memories from our workshop in Zaragoza, Spain.

the musical

Our workshop is the place where wishes become music boxes, where we create the perfect song for every sensation. Lorena takes care of the orders and personalizes each box and Ismael manufactures the custom mechanisms and composes the melodies for the most special orders.

We manufacture at the workshop our personalized music boxes, we check their sound one by one and we send them all over the world. If you want to know more about us or our work, we'd love to hear from you.