We offer different kind of music box mechanism that we can install in any of our music boxes.

Hand cranked mechanism

The music will play as long as the mechanism is being cranked with the hand. When you stop cranking, the mechanism will stop playing the song. The length is around 20 seconds.

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Wind-up mechanism

The mechanism will sound when it's winded up and you open the box. It works like a mechanical clock: you have to turn a key (wind it up), and then the mechanism will sound automatically when you open the box until it runs out or the music box is closed. It lasts around 1:30 minutes sounding in a 20 seconds loop.

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Strip paper

the mechanism plays the song when a strip paper is feeded from the front part of the box. It will sound until the strip paper goes all the way. The length can be any, but we recommend around 40 seconds to 2 minutes.

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Sound module

the music box contains a sound chip inside with the audio or song you want. It's not a mechanical mechanism, but an electronic device activated by pressing a button that wil play the audio clip through a small speaker.

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Listen to all songs we offer by following this link.