How it works?

This is the only type of mechanism that is not mechanical, but consists of an electronic module with a speaker and a button to activate the sound.

Unlike the rest of the mechanical devices, this is the most versatile as it supports any song and even spoken voice, such as a personal recording, a Whatsapp audio, etc.

This mechanism is hidden in a double bottom of the wooden box. When we open the box, we find the button by which the sound will be activated, starting the playback of the audio clip. When pressed again, the audio will stop.

It also has a USB input to change if desired the sound file and to charge the battery. The cable is a micro-USB and to charge the device you only need to connect the cable to a computer or any android phone charger.

To purchase one of these boxes, go to this link where you can see all the boxes that support this type of mechanism. Then, once inside the chosen box, click on "Chip" in Step 1 and follow the instructions in Step 2.