how to ordera miium music box

To build your musical box you only need two things: a melody and a box. You have many possibilities, as we have hundreds of melodies in different mechanisms and boxes in different sizes and finishes. However, not all combinations are possible.

To start designing your box you have two options depending on what you are prioritizing:

"I want a specific song"

Click below and search for the tune you want. The box models available in your tune will then be displayed.

See tunes

"I will start by choosing the box"

If the design of the box is most important to you, click below and start by choosing the best design. Once you have chosen the box you like the most, the tunes available for that box will be displayed.

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Box customization

When you have chosen your box and your melody, the different ways of personalization will be displayed. You will be able to choose between laser engraving and ink printing on the inside or outside of the lid or both.

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